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Monthly Archives: June 2023

Beauty Trend 2023, "healthy skin"

Beauty Trend 2023, “healthy skin”

Beauty Trend 2023, healthy skin. How long has it been since the whitening trend or the white trend dominated the top? Of the popular trend that all girls want, but do you know that in 2023 there will be a new trend, not just white? But it

To protect my skin from the sun by 'not using' sunscreen

To protect my skin from the sun by ‘not using’ sunscreen

Sunscreen, hot weather that will be annoying and irritating to women, then the dangers that come with the sun. Ultraviolet rays, or UV rays as we know them, are equally frightening. Exposing your skin to the sun without protection can have many unexpected consequences. 1. Eat foods that contain lycopene

How To "drink water" can help you "slim"

How To “drink water” can help you “slim”

How can “drinking water” help you “slim” ? Many people may wonder if it really helps? Come on. Come listen to this way. We have a story about drinking water to help you slim. Which drinking water on time Will help us lose weight Because the time is set It is a time when various

An actual house is an NFT now acomfortable

An actual house is an NFT now acomfortable

A new type of real estate deal A real estate broker named Shane Dulgeroff decided to take advantage of the NFT hype. He’s selling a house at 221 Dryden Street, in Thousand Oaks, California along with an NFT of a psychedelic-flavored video of the house. The artwork and house are up