Koulibaly against the Napoli president

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Kalidou Koulibaly , the Chelsea defender, has clarified the case of the former Napoli club president who sarcastically dismissed him for the African Cup of Nations. Which he sees as serving the country or serving an employer is equally important.

Aurelio de Laurentiis snubbed the 31 – year-old when he captained Senegal to win the continental championship as unnecessary. When kicking for ‘ Azzura ‘ , the number of ufabet games is lower than it should be. He didn’t want to pay 100%  of his wages.

Of course , whoever listens to the president of the 73 -year- old club say that is hot-headed, but for Gulibali, calm enough not to respond to anger. Just use the press conference to officially launch. Soft cut that will be a royal event. He was devoted without reluctance.

“ If you want to say something, feel at ease. But for me, it’s important that you always respect others. ” Interpreted between the lines that Goulibaly insulted De Laurentiis without manners .  

” When I played for Napoli, I also served for the Senegal national team. ”  

” Joined to win the African Cup of Nations when under ‘ Azzura ‘ . Really, during the withdrawal to the African National Championship, the club’s performance was not good – but in the end, he won the continental championship one day. This came to mind, it was very happy. ”

“ We have to respect the nation from Africans as well. like respecting the nation from Europe. ”

“ As Senegal’s captain, I don’t think it’s a good idea to refer to the national team. But I respect your opinion. Next, if you think your team can compete without having to rely on African players anymore, try it. ”

“ I don’t think it’s the people at all the clubs that think like you. I know everyone at Napoli, knowing that they encouraged and did not agree with the president .”

“ I know that many people in the industry think differently from him. ”

“ It’s not a concept of the public or of Naples. because there we respect each other What he said did not match the opinions of the townspeople and people there. ” 

De Laurentiis is speaking as he continues to say because the current Stadio San Paolo also has African players such as Karim Sedadka , Franck Sombo Ancheesa , Adom Oo . Nas or star Victor Osimen also plays .